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Hertfordshire is directly above London. Looking east away from Hertfordshire is the now famous county of Essex and due north of Hertfordshire is Bedfordshire, over out to the west lies Buckinghamshire. The county of Hertfordshire highest point is exactly 245 metres above sea level.

Hertfordshire Escorts can be at your home or hotel room within 40 minutes of placing your booking. We pride ourselves on our discreet approach and offer a friendly and relaxing experience.

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If you are looking for somewhere to stay in Hertfordshire then check out list of great hotels. If you are staying over in Hertfordshire why not book one of our Hertfordshire Escorts to accompany you to your hotel. Take a look at our compiled hotel list.


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Posted: 9th November 2014

I usually consider myself reasonably au fait when it comes to having a way with words but today I am quite stumped. It pains me to say it but in my efforts to compile a dictionary of desire I am struggling to complete a section with words beginning with ‘I ’ or ‘j’ or...

Hedonistic indulgence...

Posted: 19th October 2014

Your choice of art work says a lot about you. The kind of man who goes for a Botticelli is clearly someone interested in hedonistic indulgence, not to mention the larger woman! On the other hand if you opt for ‘The Scream’ then you are probably the sort of person who sees life as a...

Consumed by desire

Posted: 28th September 2014

The definition of desire is a strong feeling of wanting to have something. But mere words cannot effectively describe that delicious and sometimes frustrating yearning called ‘desire’. Have you ever experienced true desire? Have you ever cast your eyes over an object and thought...

What it's all about is...

Posted: 7th September 2014

We all know that in life sex sells. Physical attractiveness is used to promote all manner of products and it is not just hot women who are used to shift products off the shelves: diet coke advertisement anyone? But generally when it comes to using sex to get something sold it is the female of...

Nature and nurture in perfect harmony

Posted: 12th July 2014

It is a standard argument amongst sociologists: are we the result of nature or nurture. If it is nature then we are pre-programmed to act in a given way in a given situation. All of our major attributes and behaviours are the results of a genetic code and not subject to rational or reasoned...