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Consumed by desire

The definition of desire is a strong feeling of wanting to have something. But mere words cannot effectively describe that delicious and sometimes frustrating yearning called ‘desire’. Have you ever experienced true desire? Have you ever cast your eyes over an object and thought that you must have it whatever the cost, financial or emotional? An expensive sports car perhaps? Or a jewel encrusted Rolex watch? A painting or a sculpture? And when it comes to beautiful women desire is even more acute, powerful and frustrating – at least if you have no chance of seducing the object of your affections.

Federico Garcia Lorca said that if you are consumed by desire but forced to keep your feelings secret it is the greatest torment known to man. I can understand what he means and I am sure there are many of you who have burned with desire for a particular woman but have been unable to drum up the courage to pursue your special lady. I know I have.

But then there are the stunning escorts from Hertfordshire Escorts, girls who arouse feelings of passion and desire in all those who set eyes on them. And it is not just physical attributes and a hot body that arouses desire: the fun loving qualities of each escort add spice to the sauce and fuel a man’s flame. Call Hertfordshire Escorts and let one of the beautiful and adventurous busty escorts light your fire tonight. Trust us: they are the epitome of desire!


By Cindi Taylor