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Hedonistic indulgence...

Your choice of art work says a lot about you. The kind of man who goes for a Botticelli is clearly someone interested in hedonistic indulgence, not to mention the larger woman! On the other hand if you opt for ‘The Scream’ then you are probably the sort of person who sees life as a chaotic and alienating experience and something which is to be endured rather than enjoyed. If the Mona Lisa rocks your world you may be the type who is seduced by a woman with an air of mystery, a hint of intrigue and if you go for Lucien Freud then it is reality, warts and all for you!

Personally I appreciate the sumptuous masterpieces of the Pre-Raphaelites. These late nineteenth century painters depicted women in the most romantic of ways, long red hair cascading over velvet frocks, lips a crimson red, cheeks rouged, aquiline noses suggestive of an Italianate subject. The paintings are rich in colour and evocative of subject matter. The pictures are sensual and sensuous and have been the germ of many a fantasy for many a man, much like the escorts at Hertfordshire Escorts and at Airport Escorts.

But what does your choice of escort say about you? Is there any deeper significance to your preference than mere physical attraction? Is there a hint of something more in your Hertfordshire Escort’s eyes that draws you to her? Does her pose arouse some primitive instinct? Peruse the gallery and allow your imagination to run riot. Then call Hertfordshire Escorts and begin the adventure.


By Cindi Taylor