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Nature and nurture in perfect harmony

It is a standard argument amongst sociologists: are we the result of nature or nurture. If it is nature then we are pre-programmed to act in a given way in a given situation. All of our major attributes and behaviours are the results of a genetic code and not subject to rational or reasoned choice. But if it is nurture then we act in line with the codes and conventions that we have been taught and the behaviours we have witnessed and experienced. We ‘copy’ the actions of others and replicate them in given situations.

Take a stunning escort from Hertfordshire Escorts or Airport Escorts. Is she so amazing because of genetics or has she learned to be so loving, attentive and eager to please? Obviously her physical attributes, her pretty face, her delicate neck, her nubile body and her full mouth are the result of DNA but her actions, her manner, her confidence, her attitude? Is that learned behaviour?

I suppose the easy way out is to suggest that each and every hot escort at the best escort agency in Hertfordshire is a combination of nature and nurture. Her appearance and some of her actions are governed at a molecular level. But her outgoing, infectious and sexy persona is a result of how she has developed as a beautiful human being.

Personally I don’t much mind, just let me spend time with her! Enjoy your superb sensual massage with a gorgeous girl from Hertfordshire Escorts tonight.


By Cindi Taylor