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Hertfordshire Escorts


What it's all about is...

We all know that in life sex sells. Physical attractiveness is used to promote all manner of products and it is not just hot women who are used to shift products off the shelves: diet coke advertisement anyone? But generally when it comes to using sex to get something sold it is the female of the species who is used, often in a state of undress as in car shows or in sexy situations such as perfume adverts. Clothes, drink, consumer goods are all shameless when utilising the beauty of the female form. Ironically when it comes to an escort service such as at Hertfordshire Escorts the client is choosing to spend time with a girl who is presenting herself for his delight and delectation. It’s much more honest than the advertising industry I think. An escort is saying, hey I like companionship, love to make a man or a woman happy, like to be sexy, have a skill for a soft and sensual massage and I would really like to meet you. There is no hidden, subliminal thing going on like in print or television ads. I noticed today an advert in an upmarket newspaper supplement for an opera, La Traviata and it was pure sex. There is a beautiful, hot young woman in bright red lipstick, her eyes encased in smoky eye shadow and a pearl ear-ring hanging suggestively against her pale and alluring neck. There is a half pout and the text ‘Victim, Temptress, Saint, Mistress’ is above her. Most of those words generate lust as anyone knows as innocence and temptation combined are pure sex. Of course 'mistress' is simply cutting to the chase! Look it up and see for yourself but for me it is all about making love, hot, sweet love! Sex sells.


By Cindi Taylor